At EFERT, we believe in delivering the highest standards of quality hence our focus goes beyond the performance of brands to how our brands are impacting the lives of our consumers and enriching nutrient deficient lands. Our efforts are directed at increasing crop yields and driving The Nation’s Food Security Agenda. Therefore, at EFERT we strive to combine innovation and quality with customer needs and expectations.

The primary business segments of the Company are:

  • Fertilizers (Urea, Phosphatic Fertilizers).
  • Specialty Fertilizers
  • Crop Sciences; and
  • Agri services (including its premier flagship brand of logistic services i.e., Engro logistics).


Engro Fertilizers has a portfolio of premium fertilizers that focuses on balanced crop nutrition and improved crop yields, including Engro Urea and DAP (Di-Ammonium Phosphate) which comprise of some of the most trusted brands among Pakistani farmers.​



EFERT set up the first urea production facility in Pakistan, a landmark event in agricultural sector of the country, with a production capacity of 173,000 tons per year in 1968. With various debottlenecking and expansion steps, production capacity increased to 975,000 tons per year. In 2011, the Company set up the world’s largest (at that time) single train urea plant of 1.3 Mn tons capacity. Currently, EFERT is producing 2.2 Mn tons per year.

Nitrogen is the most important nutrient required by plants, in large quantities. Engro Urea contains 46% Nitrogen. It is the most concentrated solid Nitrogen fertilizer which is produced in prilled form. It is white in color and is used for soil and foliar applications in all field crops, orchards and turfs, for healthy plant growth and improving crop yields. It is marketed in a 50 kg bag.

Phosphatic Fertilizers



Engro NP Plus is an innovative formulation that contains Nitrogen and Phosphorus in equal proportions (18:18) providing balanced growth in terms of crop health and productivity.

Additionally, it has Boron and organic fillers. It helps in grain filling and improves grain weight while controlling flower shedding. It is ideally suited for soil application and broadcasting at the time of seed sowing as well as, during early crop growth stage. It is marketed in a 50 kg bag.



Till 1994, Di-Ammonium Phosphate (DAP) was imported in Pakistan by the fertilizer import department (FID) however, due to deregulation of imports the private sector took over and EFERT became one of the largest importers in the country.

Engro DAP is a compound fertilizer that has a Nitrogen to Phosphorus ratio of 18:46. It is amongst the most widely used sources of Phosphorus in Pakistan. It strengthens the roots of plants as well as, contributes to flowering and fruit formation and enhances grain size and weight. EFERT has been importing and marketing Engro DAP in the country since 1996. Engro DAP complies with Pakistan Standards (PS) and only the best quality is imported from renowned sources from around the world. This is the reason it is a popular and trusted brand among farmers. It is marketed in a 50 kg bag.


ENGRO Zorawar

Engro Zorawar or Mono-Ammonium Phosphate (MAP) is a compound fertilizer with high content of Phosphate (50%) and (10%) Nitrogen.

It is in granular form and acidic in nature, having high solubility and efficiency compared to other Phosphatic Fertilizers. Engro Zorawar supports seed germination, strengthens root development and improves tillering in Wheat, Rice and Sugarcane. In addition, it also helps in improving grain health in cereals, gives more flowers and better fruiting in Cotton, Vegetables and fruit trees. EFERT is the only company which imports MAP in the country. Due to White color, it has less chances of adulteration. It is marketed in a 50 kg bag.

​Speciality fertilizers are an extension of fertilizer’s business with unique products targeted at specific issues in certain crops. They are new and innovative products developed after research and development using state of the art technology.


Majority of the soils in Pakistan are deficient in major nutrients especially in Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium.

As a result, yields and quality of fruits are low. EFERT has introduced Engro Zarkhez which has all the three major nutrients in a balanced proportion. The presence of all macro nutrients in one granule results in efficient nutrient uptake. The application is convenient with a granular nature for the farmers whether it is applied through manual application, automatic or a planter. Engro Zarkhez is currently available in two different variants which are Engro Zarkhez Plus and Engro Zarkhez Khaas. It is marketed in a 50 kg bag.


Engro Zarkhez Plus

Has added organic fillers and bio stimulants which ensure prolonged availability of nutrients resulting in higher yield and good quality of produce.

It has NPK in 8:23:18 ratio and it is used for all major crops. It is marketed in a 50 kg bag.


Engro Zarkhez Khaas

Engro Zarkhez Khaas is a unique recipe with Boron and Sulphur, enriched with organic fillers and bio stimulants.

It has NPK in the ratio of 15:15:15 and it is used in fruit plants and orchards. Engro Zarkhez Khaas improves fruit yield and quality, reduces flower and fruit shedding. It is marketed in a 50 kg bag.



Zinc is a micronutrient which the crop requires in small dosages and it complements the functions of major nutrients.

Over the years, Zinc deficiency has been well established on a variety of crops especially, in rice. Use of Engro Zingro which, is a premium product, results in quick response and improved crop yields due to improved Zinc efficiency. It contains Zinc 33% and is a high purity fertilizer which, means it is free from heavy metals. It is marketed in a 3 kg bag.



Engro Zabardast Urea (ZU) launched in 2017, is yet another leap forward by EFERT in pioneering next generation fertilizers in Pakistan.

This product is developed in collaboration with Niha Corp USA. It has a unique combination of Nitrogen (42%), Bioactive Zinc (1%) and a consortium of beneficial microbes that mobilize nutrients in soil and enhance crop resistance. Engro Zabardast Urea is beneficial for all the crops as it increases crop yields, improves quality and enriches zinc contents in produce. It is marketed in a 50 kg bag.



In addition to potash based blended fertilizer, Potassium can also be applied in the form of straight fertilizer out of which, one widely used potassium fertilizer is Engro Muriate of Potash (MOP).

Engro MOP contains Potassium (60%) nutrient and is the most concentrated form of granular potassium. It can be used in every type of soil except, saline soils (which have high contents of chloride) and chloride sensitive crops like Tobacco. It improves crop yields and develops resistance to diseases. It also improves color, flavor and shelf-life of fruit and vegetables. It is marketed in a 50 kg bag.



Engro SOP is a premium, chloride-free form of Potassium that can be applied as a straight fertilizer.

Engro SOP is available in both Granular and Powder forms, targeting all potash loving crops such as potato, maize, sugarcane, wheat, rice, cotton, vegetables, fruits, orchards and tobacco. Engro SOP contains Potassium (50%) nutrient and Sulphur 17.5%. Engro SOP not only improves quality and crop yields, but also makes plants resilient to drought, frost, insects and diseases. It is marketed in a 50 kg bag.


Engro Ammonium SULPHATE

Engro Ammonium Sulphate with Ammoniacal Nitrogen (20.6%) 21% and Sulphur 24% is used primarily to fulfill the supplemental need of Nitrogen and Sulphur in growing plants.

It is an acidic fertilizer which is highly soluble in water and contains plant- preferred Sulphate form. Farmers are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of Sulphur as a secondary nutrient as it helps in nutrient uptake and increases resistance against diseases like fungal attacks. It is marketed in a 50 kg bag.



Engro Zoron is a 100% water soluble fertilizer which contains 20% Boron as an essential micro nutrient.

It increases efficacy of other fertilizers, nourishes the plants, increases crop yields, retains the shape of the produce, reduces flower and fruit shedding as well as, improves overall quality. It can be used for soil or foliar application. Engro Zoron is recommended for cotton, cereals (rice, maize, oat), vegetables (onion, potato, tomato, cauliflower), fruits (apple, banana, grapes, guava, apricot, pear, peach, plum), roses and other ornamental plants. It is marketed in a 500 gm pack.


Engro Potash Power

Engro Potash Power, has a high composition of Potassium (44%) in addition to Nitrogen (13%).

It is 100% water soluble and acidic in nature especially, designed for high-efficiency drip irrigation system. It enables availability of other nutrients to the soil and is suitable for both soil and foliar applications with high efficiency irrigation system (Drip / Sprinkler / Pivot). Engro Potash Power provides greater resistance against frost. It increases fruit size, fruit appearance, organoleptic features and shelf life. Engro Potash Power is for all crops including cotton, wheat, rice, sugarcane, sunflower, maize, flowers and fruits at mid to late stage application for improving health, yield, optimal plant nutrition and overall quality. It is marketed in a 25 kg bag.


Engro Phos Power

Engro Phos Power, imported from Europe, is acidic in nature and 100% water soluble which is specially designed for high-efficiency irrigation system. It contains Phosphorous (44%) and Nitrogen (17%). ​

It is a premium product, free from impurities which improves the availability of calcium, magnesium and other trace elements to the plant. It can be used for soil or foliar applications, and applied to all types of crops, orchards and vegetables for improving health, vigor, yield and overall quality of produce. It is marketed in a 25 kg bag.​


EFERT expanded its Seed-To-Harvest solution with the introduction of the Crop Science Division (CSD) in 2017. CSD has a range of insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and micro nutrients, in addition to Hybrid and Open pollinated seed varieties of different crops and vegetables. CSD is committed to providing high quality seeds and plant protection products to drive the Nation’s Food Security agenda​

Bharosa seeds
(open pollinated varieties)


Rice Seeds Super Basmati

Rice variety Super Basmati released in 1996, falls in aromatic Long Grain Category.

​This variety is widely cultivated in rice-core areas such as Sialkot, Gujranwala, Sheikhupura and Narowal as it is popular for its rich aroma and taste, enabling the farmer to fetch a high price. It has high contribution to exports in the Basmati Rice Category. These Super Basmati Rice seeds are marketed in a 20 kg bag.


Rice Seeds Basmati 515

Rice seeds variety Basmati 515 was commercialized in 2011 under the Aromatic Long Grain Category.

It is growing popular among rice growers across Pakistan, especially in Sindh. Additionally, rice millers are increasingly interested in this variety due to its high head-rice recovery and low incidence of aflatoxin disease. This rice variety of Basmati 515 is marketed in a 20 kg bag.


Rice Seeds PK 1121

Rice seeds variety PK 1121 (Aromatic) are available for sale since 2013 under the Extra Long Grain Aromatic Category.

It is a popular variety in the non-core rice growing areas owing to high demand of parboiled rice. These rice seeds significantly contribute towards exports of parboil rice especially, in Gulf countries. It is marketed in a 20 kg bag.


Rice Seeds PK 386

Rice seeds variety PK 386, commercialized in 2014, falls in Non Aromatic Fine Grain Category.

This variety is very popular in Gujranwala District due to short-duration variety (100 Maturity Days). This variety is best for three crop-rotations model per year to increase output for farmers. It is being marketed in a 20 kg bag.


Rice Seeds Shandaar

The Shandaar rice variety, commercialized in 2006, falls under Non-Aromatic Coarse Grain Category.

After paddy hybrids it is one of the most popular rice varieties in lower and upper Sindh. It is marketed in a 20 kg bag.



Faisalabad 2008 variety released in 2008 is popular among wheat growing communities as it is a flexible variety that fits in early to mid-late sowing segment with good tillering capacity and wider geographical adaptability.

Faisalabad 2008 is a dominant wheat variety in Pakistan and is marketed in a 50 kg bag.



The td 1 seeds variety, commercialized in 2013, is popular due to its flexible sowing time (Early to Mid-sowing) and geographical spread that includes both lower and upper Sindh.

It is a short-statured variety that has high resistance to lodging. It is marketed in a 50 kg bag.



​The Galaxy 2013 seed variety, released in 2013, is recommended for early sowing. It is a popular variety in Central Punjab in wheat-cotton rotation areas owing to better adaptability, delivering high yields.

This variety is increasingly becoming popular in Sindh due to its comparatively better performance compared to other varieties in areas with low rainfall. Galaxy 2013 is marketed in a 50 kg bag.



The AS 2002 seed variety was commercialized in 2002 and is popular in Southern Punjab, Upper Sindh and some parts of Baluchistan due to its ability to deliver high yields as well as bold and shining grains.

This variety has no lodging because of the stiff stem and short stature. It is marketed in a 50 kg bag.

Hybrid Varieties


Rice Seeds HRS 313

Hrs 313 is high yielding, early maturity (short duration) hybrid rice seed variety.

It is from a Chinese source with good performance across upper and lower Sindh areas, Baluchistan belt and DG Khan hybrid rice sowing pocket. Hrs 313 has good grain length with high heat tolerance and resistance against chaffing. It is marketed in a 5 kg bag.



​Sorgo Sweet is high yielding multi-cut Sorghum Sudan Grass hybrid seed variety.

It has a South American origin with a sweetness preferred by the livestock. Sorgo Sweet is suitable for flexible sowing areas across all the four provinces and in multiple areas. It is marketed in a 10 kg bag.

Crop protection


Librel Zinc

Librel Zinc is a special Zinc (Chelated) that quickly absorbs into plants due to its excellent soluble properties.

It improves plant growth and enhances fruiting and flowering. It can be mixed with any NPK fertilizer for applying onto the soil or can be sprayed on the plants. Its recommended dosage per acre is of 500 gm.



Azidox is a mixture of two broad spectrum fungicides that has preventative and curative activities to fight against different diseases such as Blast in rice, Rust in wheat, Powdery mildew and Anthracnose in mango, chilies and cucurbits etc.

Its recommended dosage per acre is 200 ml.


Truce Xtra

Truce Xtra is a mixture of two different herbicides which is absorbed through weed leaves and roots preventing their growth.

Due to its unique WG formulation, it gives long lasting control of sedges, grasses and broad-leaf weeds of maize and sugarcane. The recommended dosage for maize crop is 400 gm per acre and for sugarcane crop is 800 gm per acre.


Sega Pest Clear

Sega Pest Clear is a unique mixture of two powerful insecticides that effectively controls chewing-pests like bollworms, armyworm, fruit borer etc on different crops and vegetables.

It is sprayed at the rate of 400 ml per acre.


Veyong Jinteng

Veyong Jinteng is a combination of two quick-action insecticides.

It penetrates into plant cell sap to control sucking pests like jassid, aphid and hoppers attacking various crops, orchards and vegetables. Its recommended dose is 100 gm per acre.



Fushu is a tri-mixture of broad spectrum herbicides which is absorbed through leaves and roots of undesired weeds present in potato fields.

The recommended dose of Fushu is 600 ml per acre


Librel TMX

Librel TMX is a multi-micronutrient (chelated) that improves crop vegetative growth, induces flowering and fruiting.

It is 100% water soluble and has excellent quality of sticking and absorbing into the plant. It is sprayed in the dosage of 150 gm in 100 liters of water on different crops, vegetables and orchards.



Pivot is an advanced mixture of two fungicides which penetrates into the plant after application.

It controls different diseases such as late blight and downy mildew in vegetables through its protective, curative and eradicative functions. It is sprayed at the dosage of 250 gm per acre.


Vigorion Super

Vigorion Super is a combination of amino acids and plant growth regulators.

As a ready-to-use food supply source, it induces fruiting and flowering in different crops and vegetables. It also acts as stress manager protecting plants from severe climatic conditions such as heat stress, frost injury etc. It is sprayed at the rate of 500 ml per acre.



Magnatar is a Potassium based liquid product which is used not only to supplement potash deficiency in plants but also to increase size and weight of the produce, delivering high quality yield.

The recommended dose per acre is 1000 ml.



Sefina is a BASF brand derived from a natural fungus and with a new active ingredient Inscalis (Afidopyropen).​

Its rapid-action provides long-lasting control against sucking insect pests like jassid, whitefly and aphid etc. In addition, it induces flowering, fruiting and enhances the quality of produce in different crops such as cotton, vegetables and fruits. Most importantly, it is environmentally safe and good for benefactors / pollinators. It is sprayed at the dosage of 400 ml per acre.


​EFERT has expanded its offering to cater to different areas of agricultural needs to provide our customers with a one-stop solution. Following are the services currently provided under EFERT’s hood:

Engro Logistics

2020 was the first year of commercial operations for newly established services arm dealing in long haul logistics business. ​This service arm of the Company will help in consolidating the end-to-end supply chain function of the Company and at the same time bring innovation and efficiency to the existing logistics industry of Pakistan. In its first year of operations, the fleet size has grown to 195 vehicles comprising a mix of flat bed, containerized and refrigerated vehicles covering 16 million KMs and moving a combined weight of 511KT with safety statistics better than industry average from first year of operations.

Agribusiness Solutions


​EFERT is the first company to offer efficient farm mechanization services which, include provision of modern machinery and mechanization tools with the aim to increase crop yields for the farmers in Pakistan, and drive the Nation’s Food Security agenda.

In 2020, EFERT operated in 9 districts of Punjab: Sahiwal, Bahawalnagar, Okara, Pakpattan, Vehari, Multan, Khanewal, Chiniot, and Lodhran; and served a total of 6,100 acres in Wheat, Rice, and Maize value chains. Moreover, the Company conducted trials of mechanical transplanting of maize and rice which have proven to be very successful.​


Mechanical Maize Planting Service

​Our service uses latest 3-in-1 seed planting technology which prepares bed, sows seed, and applies fertilizer at the same time, saving a lot of time and most importantly delivering high quality produce.

It ensures uniformity in seeding by creating even rows of 25-26 inches and distributing fertilizer at 2-3 inches from the seed. These uniform rows make the crop suitable to be harvested through machines. The planter is mounted on a tractor having a working capacity of planting up to 15 acres / day and ensures 32,000 - 35,000 plant population per acre.​


Bed Shaping Service

​Our service provides Bed shaper that is used to form raised beds which facilitates rows to be in uniform size and shape for manual sowing.

Raised beds also help standardize the growing environment across a crop field and different soil types. Moreover, with the help of consistent rows, excessive rainwater can be drained quickly, which prevents saturation and improves pest and disease control. It creates two rows per bed with row size of 25-26 inches.


Corn Harvesting Service

Our service uses latest technology having capability of harvesting four rows, simultaneously.

​The front of the machine is especially designed (knife shaped) for effective harvesting of inverted corn. The machine can pick corn dried or in green form without damaging the grains and fills it in the bucket mounted behind the tractor. Harvesting corn via our service minimizes post-harvest losses and increases yield. This machine has 26-inches (66 cm) row spacing, respectively. It has a harvesting capacity of up to 15 acres per day which is time efficient and land becomes readily available for the cultivation of next crop.


Rice Transplanting Service

Our service uses latest technology for fast and efficient rice transplantation as compared to manual transplantation method.

It has capacity to sow approximately 5 acres of land per day. It is a six-row transplanter which uses seedlings nurtured in trays. It requires less labor, ensures timely planting, and uniform spacing and plant population. Due to mechanized transplanting, seedlings grow fast, firm and mature uniformly. It ensures 80,000 – 85,000 plant population per acre.​


Wheat & Rice Harvesting Service

​Our service uses latest Axial Flow technology. The Harvester has a 154 hp engine which ensures high performance with low fuel consumption.

It provides High quality of harvested grain with < 1% trash content, less broken grain and minimizes post-harvest losses. Moreover, while harvesting it separates the straw from the grain, which can be used as animal fodder or can be sold by the famer enabling them to gain added benefit from harvested yield.​​