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At Engro Fertilizers, we keep recruitment simple, efficient and objective. We assess our candidates for listed criteria through a three-tiered process –Application, Test, Interviews. These recruitment procedures are designed to maintain complete integrity and fairness in need evaluation and remuneration offers. Engro prides itself for being a priority spot for industry’s most ambitious and capable professionals.

Engro Fertilizers is a large company comprising operations across the supply chain. Job openings regularly arise in several areas and departments: sales, marketing, manufacturing, human resources, information systems, supply chain, procurement, finance and accounting, administrative services, public affairs and corporate communication, among others.

Engro Reaches Out!

Engro is constantly on the look for fresh blood. You can refer to your university recruitment program or meet us while we visit your campus. We are also regular attendees for various job and career fares. We routinely recruit human resource via our Outreach channels as well as via newspaper advertisements and partner job websites.

I am an Undergraduate Student

Engro offers exciting internship and short project opportunities to students who are willing to prove themselves in an executive business environment. We look for people with the drive and ability to execute tasks with maturity and responsibility. These programs offer invaluable opportunities to consolidate academic learning and further students’ professional development.

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I have Completed Undergraduate Study

Engro provides a highly enabling environment to fresh professionals and brings them to the forefront of career development opportunities. We celebrate the endless energy, ambition and dedication of fresh professionals and see in them a reflection of our own core values. If you have completed your undergraduate/bachelors study, Engro can provide you the right mix of experience, opportunities and working environment that remains unmatched in industry.

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I am a Graduate/MBA

Engro Fertilizers provide a highly enabling executive business environment to match your capabilities. We value your dedication and pursuit for career development and provide unmatched growth opportunities in various specialized disciplines. Here, you will find yourself absorbed in diverse range of enterprises, each offering its own breakthrough openings and opportunities. With our emphasis on leadership and job responsibility, you will enjoy the freedom of setting personal objectives, learning, implementing and excelling.

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I am an Experienced Professional

Engro Fertilizers continually strives to stay at the frontiers of business development. We are a dynamic company attuned to the needs of bringing best value to our shareholders and customers. In our constant lookout for new business opportunities, we highly appraise critical knowledge, expertise and experience. That gives us the right environment, business strategy and outlook to match your credentials.

Be part of a culture that values your initiative, and pitches you for the highest organizational and professional goals. We hire exceptional people and partner with them for their professional growth, providing professional setting that capitalizes on leadership skills and provides cross-functional professional development opportunity.

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