Since inception, Engro has recognized that a positive relationship with key stakeholders guarantees long-term success for any enterprise. We base our relationships on trust and equity, capturing the essence of what sustainability means to Engro and its partners.

Today Engro is renowned as a successful and conscientious company which gives due regards to high ethical standards and community empowerment. We continually work to soften our environmental impact, create viable opportunities for our workforce, evolve more efficient and effective work processes and engage in socially responsible initiatives. At Engro, we believe in sharing the fruits of our successes with our partners, stakeholders and human resource equitably.

Engro has long believed in its commitments to society and national fabric. Our endeavors towards diversification and enterprising new business ventures are firmly rooted in our corporate citizenship goals and realization of social responsibilities. As community development emerges into a mainstream management consideration, Engro finds itself at an advantage owing to its rich history of shaping positive changes in its surrounding environment.

In our effort to better realize our social responsibilities as a corporate entity and icon, corporate philanthropy is but one element of a broader and more cohort effort. We highlight our citizenship performance and sustainability initiatives with objective performance data –data points, metrics, actions and progress made.

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