Engro Fertilizers has long believed in its commitments to society and national fabric. Our endeavors towards diversification and enterprising new business ventures are firmly rooted in our corporate citizenship goals and realization of social responsibilities. As community development emerges into a mainstream management consideration, Engro Fertilizers finds itself at an advantage owing to its rich history of shaping positive changes in its surrounding environment.


The initiative “Mera Kaam-Mera Emaan” to improve operational discipline by empowering site to lead different initiatives and linking it with one’s moral values was one such act that led to significant improvement in resolution of current issues of site. The “Healthy Daharki Project” was launched to improve lifestyles of the community. Some of the activities include development of dedicated cycling track, distribution of 300 bicycles as HSE awards, development of an outdoor gym, launch of healthy food snacks at plant canteen, management club & office canteens, and an anti-smoking campaign which also banned lighters at site.

Our HSE expertise was sought out within the Engro Fertilizers Group and outside it. We provided HSE facilitation (fire & explosion study, consequence modeling, F&G mapping) for ENCOP-3 & CO2 recovery project.

Our initiatives to scale HSE initiatives and welcome them to the digital age is a continuous process. Opera phase-1 go-live at all affiliates post completion of UAT & power user training is one such example. We ensure that all employees in plant operations at all our manufacturing facilities are provided an outline of the process and operating procedures, with an emphasis on specific HSE hazards, emergency operations and safe work practices. The occupational health program at the company includes aspects of industrial hygiene and occupational medicine. In addition, all employees are trained and kept abreast of technological changes and safety-related aspects of their jobs.



Today Engro Fertilizers is renowned as a successful and conscientious company which gives due regards to high ethical standards and community empowerment. We continually work to soften our environmental impact, create viable opportunities for our workforce, evolve more efficient and effective work processes and engage in socially responsible initiatives. At Engro Fertilizers, we believe in sharing the fruits of our successes with our partners, stakeholders and human resource equitably.

In our effort to better realize our social responsibilities as a corporate entity and icon, corporate philanthropy is but one element of a broader and more cohort effort. We highlight our citizenship performance and sustainability initiatives with objective performance data –data points, metrics, actions and progress made.


at a Glance

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    Sahara School & College

    Sahara Welfare School continues to deliver quality education in the vicinity of our manufacturing facility in Daharki throughout the year where infrastructure developments in the last two years have helped beef up the student enrollments. During the year, we introduced a blended learning model for primary school children at government adopted schools in district Ghotki. Sahara facilities are being upgraded to start college classes from 2020-21 onwards.

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    Technical Training College Daharki

    The Technical Training College (TTC), Daharki, established with the help of Engro Fertilizers Limited, serves as the center of our skills training programs. The college offers a 3-year diploma in associated engineering (DAE) in chemical and mechanical technologies, as well as a short-term vocational training programs for the youth living in the Daharki vicinity. Over the years, we have helped the college develop and deploy a placement software, which will act as a student databank and will be used for tracking alumni employment for impact evaluation and governance of the college.

    Diploma in associated engineering (DAE) Program: In 2019, the total DAE strength stood at 381 students. Out of these, 144 students were new inductees, while we were privileged to witness the graduation of 141 students and their joining of alumni ranks, bringing the total alumni network to 529 individuals.

    Vocational courses: Total trainees enrolled in our vocational training center (VTC) in 2019 were 160. The number of graduates were 380, swelling the VTC alumni pool to 2,858 graduates till date. New trainees were inducted so they could learn skills that would make them valuable employees or entrepreneurs as well as contributing members of the community.

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    Partnerships & Value Expansion In Seeds Value Chain (PAVE)

    In line with Engro’s vision and purpose, PAVE Pakistan is a shared value initiative created by Engro Fertilizers in partnership with the business partnership platform (BPP), Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), Government of Australia and MEDA (Mennonite Economic Development Associates) that aims to improve the productivity, profitability, and livelihoods of more than 4400 smallholder farmers across the two districts of Gujranwala and Sheikhupura, by empowering them to participate in the seed value chain as research partners, consumers and suppliers of high quality seed. Engro Fertilizers has influence with smallholder farmers, who represent an opportunity to diversify Engro’s (and others) seed supplier base, which was limited to fewer larger farmers. Improving smallholders’ capacity and integrating them into the wider farming market recognizes their economic potential, and farmers benefit from increased income. The economic integration of women also elevates their status in society and leads to increased spending on healthcare, nutrition and education. While the project had a target of including 400 women, but in actual more than 730 women farmers are part of the project and proven their skills. Based on its outstanding results and impact, the project won two regional awards during the year, one in the social empowerment category at Asia responsible enterprise awards held at Taipei, Taiwan. The second award was for best shared value project through cross-sector partnership held at Melbourne, Australia.

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    Establishment Of Girls Middle School In Kacha, Gazi Chachar Girls’ Secondary School

    The Kacha School Program is funded under Engro Fertilizer’s CSR annual budget on an on-going basis. The school is dedicated to girls’ secondary education that not only focuses on education but also arts, embroidery, and cooking classes. Kacha school program (riverine belt of Ghotki district) currently has 10 primary schools and 3 middle schools under its ambit. It currently enrolls more than 1664 students providing these students their only access to high quality education with 35 full time trained teachers.

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    Engro Fertilizers Ehsaas Program

    Engro Fertilizers Ehsaas was a program created for Head office employees to raise awareness around corporate social responsibility and encourage employees to volunteer their time for community upliftment. With the vision to contribute in the three major areas of gender equality, quality education and good health and wellbeing, NGOs working in these areas were identified and collaborations were developed. In the area of gender equality, EFERT joined hands with Engro Fertilizers Vopak’s Tech Karo Initiative and women from EFERT volunteered their time to mentor young girls at the Lyari girls café who are aspiring to become professionals in the field of technology. 120+ hours have been logged by 28 employees in mere 3 months after launch.

    For good health & wellbeing, employees are regularly visiting clinics set up by SINA hospital in underprivileged areas to spend time with patients and provide guidance to them in matters of basic health and hygiene. To contribute towards quality education, EFERT is partnering with AZ Corp, an organization that has created an interactive comic series, Sheeba & the Private Detectives, for young children to teach them science and math concepts through story telling. Regular sessions at evergreen school in Shireen Jinnah Colony are being held to roll out this series and engage children in learning through storytelling.

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    An Artificial Camp By EFERT Daharki & Engro Fertilizers Foundation - Naya Qadam (NRSP)

    A permanent Limbs Facility has been established which will provide free of cost treatment (limbs) within 100km radius of Daharki. An estimate 300+ patients will be registered from January.

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    A Night Of Fun & Festivities - Jhung Mela

    A wonderful evening of music, food and festivities was organized for the Jhung community where families visited the Mela and enjoyed the activities that were planned for them which included rides for kids, handicrafts and other exciting stalls.

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    Sahara School Cultural Day, Engro Fertilizers College & EGS Students

    Sahara school marked its 2019 cultural day on 14th December with a spectacular show to appreciate values across Pakistan. The diverse culture of Pakistan is intertwined with the threads of tolerance, love, affection, mutual respect & unity. This gives rise to the notion that “we are different, yet we are one”. The same was reflected in the event at Sahara. The day was remarkable with students and staff beaming in their colorful native attires and the arena decorated according to the theme capturing minute details, presenting an altruistic view. Students were given an opportunity to showcase diversity through multiculturalism in arts, music, fashion and food. Performances included short skits, poetry, speeches, quizzes and cultural songs by amazing vocalists. The cultural tableaus and songs were heart-warming and the audience cheered with all their heart.

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    Engro Fertilizers College & EGS Students’ Internship At Engro Fertilizers Clinic

    Students of pre-medical group from Engro Fertilizers college and O & A level students of EGS participated in “community health services Internship Program” at the Engro Fertilizers clinic. 10 students from Engro Fertilizers college and 23 students from EGS had registered through their institute for the program which started from 10th June and completed on 12th July.

    Each of the students completed 2 weeks internship at the Engro Fertilizers clinic where they learnt simple procedures like taking bp, temperature and pulse of the patients. They also learnt about first aid treatment of bleeding from a wound and nose, burns, measures to reduce high grade fever, how to do a dressing for a wound and how to stabilize a fractured limb. They had a chance to see snake bite patients and their treatment as well. One of the batches also witnessed our quarterly emergency drill handling.

    Each student was assigned a health awareness topic which they prepared and gave a short presentation on to our patients in the waiting areas. Students participated enthusiastically and had very good feedback about this exposure. Lastly, an MCQ test was taken and certificates were distributed to all participants.

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    Snake - Bite Treatment Facility

    A snake bite treatment facility first has been set up at Daharki and has provided treatment to 125000 patients since it started.

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    Dog - Bite Treatment Facility

    The first anti-rabies facility is being constructed at Daharki which will provide free of cost treatment to the community. Every year 5000 cases of dog bites are reported in this region.

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    COVID-19 And Hussain Dawood Pledge

    Pakistan, along with the world, faces an unprecedented, rapidly-evolving challenge in the COVID-19 pandemic. One thing that is certain is that we must stand in solidarity and work on several fronts concurrently. The need of the hour is to target reduction of the spread and impact of this virus. For this purpose, Hussain Dawood, on behalf of Dawood Hercules Corporation, Engro Corporation, and his Family, pledged a contribution in services, kind, and cash of PKR 1 billion for the short-, medium-, and long-term. The pledge will focus on disease prevention, protecting and enabling healthcare practitioners and frontline workers, enabling patient care and facilities, and bolstering livelihoods and sustenance of the most deserving in society.

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    COVID-19 Related Initiatives Sindh: Testing In 7 Districts By Indus Hospital

    • PKR 95 million donated to Indus hospital for clusters identified in Sindh, in a ceremony held on April 20, 2020, at TDF business hub in Dawood Centre

    • The testing operations are taking place in district Tharparkar, Badin, Jamshoro, Larkana, Sukkur, Nawabshah, and Ghotki

    • So far, over 2,200 tests have been conducted

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    COVID-19 Related Initiatives South Punjab: Testing In 6 Districts By Shaukat Khanum Hospital

    • PKR 69 million approved for COVID-19 -19 testing in south Punjab with Shaukat khanum memorial hospital

    • Phase-1 payment of PKR 20 million was given in a ceremony held on April 28, 2020. Phase-2 payment of PKR 40 million has been given in early June. PKR 9 million are being spent in ancillary services

    • The testing operations are taking place in district Multan, Muzaffargarh, Layyah, DG Khan, Bahawalpur, Bahawalnagar so far, over 3,600 tests have been conducted

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    COVID-19 Related Initiatives : Enabling Healthcare Practitioners And Other Frontliners

    • PKR 100 million earmarked for procurement of personal protective equipment (PPE)

    • Massive PPE sourcing, storing and distribution operation was run by volunteers from Engro Fertilizers subsidiaries

    • Safe storage, management and handling of more than 2,500 cartons (over a period of 2 weeks)

    • 104,000 units of PPEs delivered to 12 hospitals [ Sindh 4, Punjab 5, KP 2, Balochistan 1]

    • Delivered units will safeguard more than 400 front line health workers for a month, can also be seen as providing protection/cover for 12,000 man-days

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    COVID-19 Related Initiatives

    •Engro Fertilizers Daharki has established a 176-bed quarantine facility at TTC

    •Under HD pledge, a COVID-19 testing facility has been established in TTC with help of Indus hospital

    •Distributed ration bags for 1,500 families in Daharki

    •Ration bags also distributed by EPQL in Qadirpur

    •Fumigation/disinfecting of nearby villages and Daharki city carried out

    •Public awareness campaigns about prevention from COVID-19 run and installed hand wash stations

    •Disinfection tunnel installed at civil hospitals, sabzi mandi and public offices