August 13, 2007

Environmental protection agency conducts public hearing on egnro chemical’s upcoming fertilizer plant youtube

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has conducted a hearing to determine the possible environmental impact due to the construction of Engro Chemical’s new fertilizer plant.

The hearing, held at the EPA office in Karachi, was attended by the community members from Ghotki, Daharki and Sukkur areas along with the NGOs, government officers, representatives from the NED University and other concerned citizens.

It is to be noted that Engro Chemical, as part of its expansion plans, is constructing a fertilizer plant which, when completed, will produce 1.3 million tonnes of urea per annum and will result in boosting employment especially in the surrounding areas.

The public hearing concluded with the EPA praising Engro for setting up this plant as per the environment specifications which will result in boosting employment besides helping in reducing government expense on fertilizer subsidy.