May 26, 2015

Hawa Foundation and Focus Humanitarian Pakistan aid Engro Schools

Karachi, 26 May, 2015: Engro Fertilizer’s CSR wing started the education program in Katcha area with three primary schools (Nazar Mohammad Indhar, Rabnawaz Chachar and Ali Akbar Chachar), in 2000. Two middle schools Noor Lakhan and Nazar Mohammad Indhar and ten primary schools were also established. In 2014 different International and Local NGOs paid visits to these schools and appreciated the efforts of Engro Fertilizers towards a positive change.

Hawa Foundation and Focus Humanitarian Pakistan provided First Aid Kits and Fire Extinguisher Kits in six of the schools and gave trainings to the teachers and SMC. Sindh Rural Support Organization (SRSO) paid visits and appreciated Engro Fertilizers’ spirit of volunteerism and provided a library with1000 books in Nazar Mohammad Middle School. Computers were also given as donations in 2015.

This is the first unique project at ‘Katcha’ area (Riverine belt of Indus) of Ghotki District. Engro’s Katcha School program was initiated with the aim to provide quality education to the students from socio-economically deprived families in Katcha areas of Ghotki district. The Katcha School program currently enrolls more than 900 students in 10 primary and one middle school, providing these students their only access to high quality education. It is the only education program being run in the area.

Speaking at the occasion, Inam Naveed Khan – VP Manufacturing Engro Fertilizer said, “Computer literacy plays a key role in every field of life. While educational institutions in cities have strong emphasis on computer education, schools in remote villages and towns lag behind. Our aim is to use these computer labs as a stepping-stone towards improving learning methods, gaining knowledge and enhancing communication using the power of the digital world”.

A large proportion of individuals living in remote marginalized communities in Pakistan cannot access or afford quality education, which is the primary right of every citizen. For over a decade, Engro has been successful in delivering the promise of providing access to education to the children of communities living around the areas of their operations. School Adoption and Teachers Training programs are the flagship projects in the education sector.

Engro Fertilisers appreciates efforts by Hawa Foundation, Focus Humanitarian Pakistan and Sindh Rural Support Organization for this help.